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Review: BRAT, Shoreditch

BRAT is definitely very on-trend. There’s a natural re-loved feel about the big old workshop-like space that has been fitted out with plenty of re-purposed wood. There’s a massive open fire full of fiercely glowing red coals, ready and waiting for the big chunks of meat that are BRAT’s hallmark. And of course, it’s all …

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Review: Trinity, Clapham

Does it tell you anything about us that the last three places we’ve lived have all been within ten minutes walk of a Michelin starred restaurant? For the record: Mr Underhills in Ludlow, Le Champignon Sauvage in Cheltenham, and now Trinity in Clapham. Of course not all Michelin stars are created equal, so it was …

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Review: Anglo, Holborn

Meh. Shortest review ever! To be fair, there’s a bit of a clash of expectation vs reality here, as people have written lots of gushing and nice things about Anglo. So I was expecting special. What I got was a by-the-numbers 6 course tasting menu with some fairly clunky flavours and cooking in parts. Hence, …

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Review: Trivet, London Bridge

We’ve hit peak small plate. I know that, because our waitress at Trivet took the trouble to explain the menu: “Our menu is a three course concept. We suggest you pick one from the starters, one from the main courses and one from the desserts.” Which is entirely fair. I expect there are probably many …

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Review: Zumbura, Clapham

Zumbura is an Indian small plate place in Clapham. Very handy for us, as we’ve just moved to the area. But is it destined to become a local favourite or a place to shun? Chaat is fairly impossible to screw up, a small plate piled with chickpeas, scrunched up crispy bread and plenty of tangy …

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