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Review: Tsunami, Clapham

Quick one this. Tsunami is a Japanese restaurant in Clapham. It’s fairly good value, but not if you really love great Japanese food. It’s also a big barn of a place and with the background music roaring and everyone raising their volume to compensate, it ain’t very bloody zen at all. Gyoza were okay, nice …

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Review: Pique Nique, Bermondsey

Some restaurants try too hard. I always remember going to L’Artisan in Cheltenham, a place trying outRAGEously hard to be French, and seeing that one of the waitresses had a little label that identified her as “French trainee”. I genuinely couldn’t tell whether she was a trainee who happened to be French, or a trainee …

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Review: Barrafina, Charing Cross

One more blog in my ongoing series: “so are they still any good?” This time we’re at Barrafina, which we got into easily by the simple expedient of getting there before 6pm. Mind you, we only just made it; fifteen minutes later there was a queue. So, the queue is still there, but are they …

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Review: Trinity Upstairs, Clapham

Next in my review series “So… is it still any good?” is Trinity Upstairs, the relaxed small plate partner to the grown-up and Michelin starred Trinity downstairs. I was startled to find it empty on a sunny Saturday lunchtime, and only one other table joined us later. This is a travesty really, as we enjoyed …

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Review: Anchor & Hope, Southwark

I was a bit disgruntled on getting back to London after 10 years away. There are so many great places I wanted to eat, but what about reviewing them on the blog? Years and years after every major paper and hip London blogger has reviewed them? Bit late to the game, right? And then I …

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