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Review: Lasan, Birmingham

Birmingham is not an easy city to love. The city centre is a soulless jumble of high-end and low-end brand outlets, eatery chains and cheap baguette shops. As though someone has put the word out that folks in Birmingham are fearful of accidentally buying anything independent or original, and everyone has believed them. If there’s …

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Review: Asha’s, Birmingham

There seem to be two approaches to “contemporary Indian cuisine”. The first approach is to take a step back, look at all the amazing ingredients and techniques found across the sub-continent, and then create a menu of modern dishes riffing on the classics in new and interesting ways. The second approach is to take all …

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Review: Adam’s, Birmingham

If chef Adam Stokes’ favourite flavour of crisps isn’t salt and vinegar I’m quite prepared to eat my hat. Oh, I most definitely enjoyed my nine course tasting menu at Adam’s new venture in Birmingham, but those with a high blood pressure might want to steer clear. Tucked very unobtrusively away in the centre of …

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Review: Purnell’s, Birmingham

I struggle to love Birmingham. It’s handsome in parts, ugly in others, and sits in that uneasy size bracket where a city is too large to be friendly but too small to be metropolitan. Someone give me a list of reasons to love Birmingham and I’ll check them all out next time I visit, promise. …

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