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Review: Root, Bristol

We’re seriously contemplating getting a flat overlooking the floating harbour in Bristol. Just nosing around the Cargo complex of re-skinned shipping containers it feels like we could have a great bite to eat at a different place every night for two weeks and still not run out of options. Today we had lunch at Root, …

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Review: Kuch, Bristol

Kuch is yet another smashing place to eat in Bristol’s Cotham Hill area. I’ve reviewed Bellita and Pasta Loco too, and I’m wondering what the next culinary smash hit to open here will be. Kuch is straight-up, generous, flavour-packed Persian cooking. The interior has been decked out in a modern and colourful style that emulates …

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Review: Pasta Loco, Bristol

They’re turning them away in droves at Pasta Loco, and you’ve got more chance of finding Heinz Spaghetti Hoops on the menu than you have of getting a table on a Saturday evening! Determined to find out what all the fuss is about, we found a lunchtime excuse for a visit. Pasta Loco is tiny …

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Review: Bellita, Bristol

I’ve already reviewed the classic Bell’s Diner, an absolute pin-perfect neighbourhood bistro. And now I’m jotting down a few words about their other outpost in another Bristol neighbourhood: Bellita. A bit more bijou, more of a bar with a menu, but every bit as adept with the Mediterranean small-plates. We had a masterfully cooked bit …

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Review: The Cauldron, Bristol

The Cauldron boasts of being the first entirely “solid fuelled kitchen in the last 100 years” – basically, they cook everything using wood or coal to “remove their reliance on the big 6 energy providers”. Don’t say it’s laudable. It’s not. If every restaurant in the UK switched to this approach we’d have lopped down …

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