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Review: BOX E, Bristol

All the tables at BOX E are closer to the kitchen than the chef’s table at most other restaurants. I say “all the tables” but they’ve only got 14 covers in total. The clue is in the restaurant’s name: BOX E lives in two knocked-through shipping containers, perched on top of some other shipping containers …

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Review: Grillstock, Bristol

If you fancy a filthily good bit of BBQ in Bristol, then Grillstock have been doing it longer than most. Doing it longer than most places in London, for that matter. And just as with their slow-cooked smoked brisket: the longer you do it, the better it gets. Oh… man, is their brisket good. It …

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Review: Riverstation, Bristol

Bristol is working really hard to be as hip as London, and there are very cool eateries and drinkeries popping up all over the place. We ended our evening with cocktails at The Milk Thistle, a taxidermy-strewn private cocktail bar that must surely have been teleported from Shoreditch. And in complete contrast, for lunch we …

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Review: Pi Shop, Bristol

Quick one, this. Pi Shop is the pizza place just opened up next door to Casamia. It’s the second piece in the new Sanchez Brothers culinary empire! Couldn’t be more different to Casamia, though. It’s a clean white space, with rustic Italian ingredients sitting alongside bare wood, plaster and metal. Seating is simple and built …

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Review: Historical Dining Rooms, Bristol

If there’s one restaurant in the UK that you should dress up for, it’s surely this one. The Historical Dining Rooms, above the Star & Dove pub, goes the whole hog in decor, service and menu to cast you back into the past. In that it trumps Heston’s Dinner, which showcases historical food but is …

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