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Review: Curry Corner, Cheltenham

Curry Corner is just around the corner from the famous Cheltenham Banksy. Okay, famous in Cheltenham at least – there’s a gallery near us that offers canvas prints of the clever stenciled image of two shady GCHQ operatives apparently listening in on a telephone box, and get this, they’ll even photoshop in a picture of …

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Review: Asha’s, Birmingham

There seem to be two approaches to “contemporary Indian cuisine”. The first approach is to take a step back, look at all the amazing ingredients and techniques found across the sub-continent, and then create a menu of modern dishes riffing on the classics in new and interesting ways. The second approach is to take all …

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Khao Soi, Northern Thai Curry

If you haven’t been to Thailand, you really should. I recommend spending two weeks exploring north from Bangkok, inland, and then relaxing for two days on a beach at the end before going home. We have such brilliant memories of our eight weeks there, and no more so than a week in the city of …

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Review: The Painted Heron, Chelsea

It’s impressive to see a menu that includes partridge, quail, pheasant, grouse, venison and pigeon. Now that’s what I call seasonal goodies. It’s even more impressive to see them all on the menu of an Indian restaurant. I can completely recommend The Painted Heron on the weight of one dish alone: my main course of …

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Review: Chutney Mary, Chelsea

The dining room at Chutney Mary is certainly a good place for a celebratory meal, especially if you can get a table under the conservatory at the back. Surrounded by palms with a leafy tree overhead you might almost – almost – be eating under the stars in a palace garden in Udaipur. The lighting …

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