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Review: Yuzu, Manchester

Yuzu is a nice reminder of eating out in Japan. It’s small, three or four tables and a counter. Plainly furnished, bare wood. The menu is small too. And the food is all excellent, right down to the perfect rice with just a hint of vinegar. There’s one tiny oddity that annoys me. If you’re …

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Review: Moshimo, Brighton

It’s so long since I last visited Moshimo that I haven’t even blogged it! So it must be at least six years. In fact this Brighton sushi restaurant has been here in the very centre of the Brighton Laines (and yet neatly hidden in a small empty square that most visitors walk past unnoticed) for …

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Review: Koj, Cheltenham

I feel the need to ‘splain this up front. We were lucky enough to visit Japan just over a year ago, and as well as some convoluted kaiseki feasts and high-end tempura temples, we also ate tons and tons of delicious casual Japanese cooking – tonkatsu restaurants, okonomiyaki places, and smoky bars serving yakitori and …

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Review: Rofuto, Birmingham

There’s a lot going on in Birmingham. It’s gradually London-ising. Started with a couple of decent coffee shops. Then some better casual dining options and some street food. Next thing you know, they’ll even get some interesting independent shops. Of course it’s not going to match London – 8 million people are always going to …

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Review: Kyoto Kitchen, Winchester

I’ve used the Hardens Guide as a bit of a bible for years now. It’s very handy when you’re heading somewhere unfamiliar and wouldn’t mind finding something half-decent to eat. In theory it’s a clever half-way house; they are crowd-sourcing reviews which means they can have much better coverage than a purely professional guide like …

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