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Wet Monday lunch

On a wet, chilly and rainy Monday morning we found ourselves in a car park in Bath sitting in our steamy vehicle. Our challenge? To return home to Ludlow while taking in a good lunch en route, so I’d have somewhere new to review. And so began a trawl through the Harden’s and Michelin guides …

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Review: The Bath Priory

This guest post was written by: Maureen “Sam is suffering from a leg injury, sustained while training for a cycling event”, said our waitress. “We’ve persuaded him to stay home the last couple of days but he insisted on coming in today for your kitchen visit”. So he did. And patiently answered our questions. And …

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Review: The Chilli Pickle, Brighton

Oooo… lovely. A cup of steaming hot chai, sweet and spicy and milky and deeply reviving. Exactly as you’d get it from a good chai-wallah in Delhi. In fact it takes me straight back to the spice market in Jodhpur, or the book seller in Udaipur. While I got sick to the back teeth with …

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Review: The Crown at Whitebrook

They were very nice at The Crown when we showed up for lunch unannounced, in my case in muddy jeans, a T-shirt and walking shoes. I might not have blamed the maitre d’ for taking a long look at me and then deciding that they were fully booked. It’s possible that my jacket redeemed me, …

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Review: Lambs, Stratford-upon-Avon

This Sunday lunch was a great antidote to last Sunday’s lunch. We were in Stratford-upon-Avon for the day but having done no research were picking lunch randomly from the multifarious eateries the town is blessed with. We didn’t pick entirely randomly: Lambs had both Hardens and Michelin stickers on the door, though not a star …

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