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Causa with smoked duck breast

Causa is cold mashed potato. Mmm… appealing! That must be why there are hardly any recipes on the internet for causa. Well, I’m here to add to that paltry tally. The whole point about causa, and why I like it, is that it should be cold mashed potato with stuff. In this case I happen …

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Beef stroganoff

Thumbing through a few recipes on-line to see how other people tackle Stroganoff, I quickly discovered that it’s one of those dishes. The ones where even the “taught to me by a chef at the Kremlin so it must be authentic” recipes contradict each other at every turn. Apparently it should definitely include mushrooms or …

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Som Tam, Thai papaya salad

One of my favourite culinary memories of our year-long trip around the world was the salad in Thailand. It’s called Som Tam and typically combines raw shredded green papaya with all the best south-east Asian flavours: garlic, chilli, lime, peanut, fish sauce, palm sugar to make a bowl of pure zing that punches with sweet, …

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Rabbit ragù

My cooking comes from all sorts of places. In descending order of pleased-with-myself: (1) very occasionally I just invent something new, from nothing; (2) sometimes I eat something good at a restaurant, and then try to make something like it at home; (3) quite often I decide what I want to make, look up a …

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