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Cod flaps, luverly cod flaps

I’m a big fan of the recent revival in unusual and old-fashioned cuts of meat. Some of my favourite recipes are slow braised oxtail in mustard, wine braised lamb shanks or sticky slow-cooked pig cheeks. One thing bugs me though. Food writers who alongside their recipes lazily reiterate a view no longer true; that these …

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Raspberry leather etc.

Tonight’s dinner was a fairly typical example of my style of cooking. Have an idea and run with it. Make it up as you go along, drag the laptop out to the kitchen half way through because you realise you need a recipe for one of the elements. Make tonnes of washing-up, put lots of …

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Pork sous-vide(ish) and chestnut

Here’s a question for you. If it’s possible to cook fillet of beef by leaving it in a hot water bath at 50C for several hours… would you cook yourself if you stayed in a hot bath for just as long? Scary thought. That’s sous-vide, by the way, for anyone who hasn’t come across it. …

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Rabbit ragù

My cooking comes from all sorts of places. In descending order of pleased-with-myself: (1) very occasionally I just invent something new, from nothing; (2) sometimes I eat something good at a restaurant, and then try to make something like it at home; (3) quite often I decide what I want to make, look up a …

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