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Review: Jose, Bermondsey

Jose Pizzaro’s unadorned tapas bar in Bermondsey is just perfect. I mean, it really is trying hard to be a little slice of Spain in London, but that’s okay by me. The decor is right, the drink is right, the food is right. I want you to be in the right frame of mind before …

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Review: Barrafina, Charing Cross

One more blog in my ongoing series: “so are they still any good?” This time we’re at Barrafina, which we got into easily by the simple expedient of getting there before 6pm. Mind you, we only just made it; fifteen minutes later there was a queue. So, the queue is still there, but are they …

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Review: Cambio de Tercio

This bastion of Spanish cuisine in London has been around for a few years and has a great reputation. It doesn’t really need reviewing by me, as every major critic has sung its praises at some point. So let’s call this a check-up, just to make sure they’re still dishing up the goods. I came, …

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Spanish omelette

I’m not going to insist you call it a tortilla. This is an international internet, and who knows I might have some American readers who would of course be entirely baffled by a tortilla made of egg, onion and potato. When I first made a spanish omelette I was rather pleased with the result. It …

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